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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Expand’s E-commerce site designed with our resellers in mind. Get your pricing, check availability of stock, research invoices, check tracking numbers, upload artwork. Every feature we could incorporate into the site was put here with the reseller in mind.

Some of the features we have built in:

   - One-click access to all graphic templates to help you to prepare your artwork
   - One-click access to our FTP site to transfer your print-ready files
   - Product categories to quickly navigate to product groups of interest
   - Featured product page allows you to see new and exciting Expand products
   - Extensive search capabilities
   - One-click navigation for additional product details on our web site
   - An extensive list of products allows you to navigate quickly to products
   - The price you see is the price you pay – your discount is already reflected in the prices! Great feature for preparing quotes…no more
     dog-eared price lists.
   - Stock availability is shown from the warehouse that generally ships your order. Additional stock may be available at another warehouse

Remember that we’re here to help you succeed. If at any time you’re having difficulties, our Customer Service professionals are here and ready to assist you from 8am to 8pm Eastern time. Simply call 1-800-758-3020.

You get the idea: now let’s get down to the business of entering an order.

Once you see the Featured Products page, click  Log-in at the top of the page. Enter your user name and password and you’re ready to go! If you are not set up with a user name and password, contact Expand Customer Service at 1-800-758-3020. Note that every user needs a unique user name and password.

Navigate to the product that you’re interested in. We’ll use Expand MediaScreen 2 as an example.

Notice at the top there’s a “bread-crumb” trail in blue type to show you where you are within the site at all times.

Let’s say you want to purchase an EMS 2 base unit. Simply click on “Hardware Only” and you’ll see a list of all of the variations in width, color, pole height for that particular product.

Here you’ll see the width and height, whether the product is in stock as well as the price you’ll pay. Enter the quantity that you wish to purchase in box to the extreme right. Click the blue button to add it to your shopping cart.

You’ll immediately see a running total in the upper left of the screen helping you keep track of the total cost.

Need more information on the product? Simply click on the item number shown.

You can also buy from this view by entering a quantity and adding it to your cart. Need still more information? Click on the blue “Click Here” and a new window from Expand’s web site opens. Here you’ll have access to a wealth of information including set-up instructions, graphic panel size charts, some available accessories, collateral sales material and so much more! Done? Simply close the new window and continue shopping.

What could be easier?

OK, now you’ve entered all of the items on your shopping list and you’re ready to check out.  Click on the  button to begin.

A screen will show all items currently in your cart that will allow you to make a final check of the items. Click the button

Our user-friendly site has already filled in most of the standard information from our business system. At this screen you’ll be prompted to enter your purchase order number (required), the carrier/shipping method you need as well as whether the shipment is being delivered to a residential or commercial address.

If you need the order to be shipped blind, click the box. If the order is shipping on a 3rd party account, enter the appropriate account number in the proper field.

If your order is being delivered to an address other than your dealer address on record, simply fill in the ship to information. The final step is the payment method you wish to use. If you’re using a credit card, fill in the fields and click .

That’s all there is to it!

Your order has now been submitted and you will receive an immediate email confirmation of your web order. Please note that the web order number will be different from your final order number.

Ok…we all know that nothing is that simple. If you have questions, click on the question below:

  • When I’m ordering a product and it shows no stock, should I still submit my order?
Click here
  • I need a part not shown on the site. What should I do?    
Click here
  • What’s the smart button for?        
Click here
  • What’s the QUICK ORDER button for?       
Click here
  • How can I use the search feature?   
Click here
  • What are the features of MY ACCOUNT and how do I use them? 
Click here
  • How do I get a user name and password? 
Click here
  • Why does each buyer for my dealership have a separate name and password? 
Click here
  • Can I still submit an order via phone, fax or email?
Click here
  • Will I still get an order confirmation?      
Click here
  • When will my order ship?
Click here

We hope this FAQ section addresses most questions. Should you need additional information, contact Expand at 1-800-758-3020 or contact your Account Manager.

We’re committed to providing our dealers with the most innovative portable display products backed by the best warranty in the industry.

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Customer Service Hours:
8am to 8pm Monday-Friday


When I’m ordering a product and it shows no stock, should I still submit my order?

Yes. You will be contacted by your Customer Service rep who will discuss the order with you. We get daily shipments of products from our factory and the product may be coming in that day. In other circumstances, we may switch out parts at our distribution facility to make the product you need although you may not see it in stock. Other times, we may be able to ship from another facility or even directly from our factory. Send us your order. We’ll get you what you need!

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I need a part not shown on the site. What should I do?

With the thousands of parts available at Expand, the site would be difficult to navigate. We have selected the parts that are commonly ordered to make your e-commerce experience streamlined and fast!  If there is a part you need that isn’t shown, pick up the phone or email our Customer Service department. You’ll get a quick response to your question.
Phone us at 1-800-758-3020 or email us at usorders@expandmedia.com.

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What’s the SMART ORDER button for?

Our e-commerce site was structured to remember what items you last purchased. If you need to order again, click the Smart Order button and with 2 clicks, you’re ready to check out! Talk about fast!

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What’s the QUICK ORDER button for?

Many customers order the same parts frequently and in large quantities. If you’re familiar with Expand’s part numbers, by clicking the Quick Order button, you can enter multiple part numbers and quantities on one screen and again quickly be on your way.

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How can I use the search feature?

Simple! Just type in the part number or even just the first few numbers of the part number. This will bring up a complete list of all part numbers that match.

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What are the features of MY ACCOUNT and how do I use them?

One of the most powerful features of our e-commerce site is the ability for a dealer to “drill down” into their account. In this area, dealer purchase orders are cross-referenced with Expand’s order numbers. Drilling down further will show shipping details such as freight costs, tracking numbers and other logistical information. This is particularly useful when you need to verify a shipment after normal Customer Service hours.

You can also look at unpaid invoices,  aged balances, paid invoice history…all the things you need to know to keep your business moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand the sensitivity of financial information. As a lock-down security measure, accessing financial information requires that you log-in again. Why?  A dealer/owner may not want certain individuals at their company to have access to this information. Each person at your dealership that you authorize has a unique log-in and password preventing non-authorized personnel from viewing information they shouldn’t.

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How do I get a user name and password?

The first time a user needs to access our e-commerce site, they must contact Expand in order to set this up. We link the user name and password that you select to your customer number with Expand. Once established, you may change your password at any time.



Why does each buyer for my dealership have a separate name and password?

This allows our dealers to maintain separate transactions and traceability for any orders that are placed with Expand.

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Can I still submit an order via phone, fax or email?

Of course. Some folks prefer this method and we’re glad to assist you in this way.

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Will I still get an order confirmation?

Yes. Your web-order is electronically transferred to our Customer Service Department who will convert your web-order to a system order. They release the order, send you a confirmation just as in the past.

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When will my order ship?

Orders (except graphic orders, special orders and out-of-stock items) generally ship the next business day after submission. If you’ve got a rush, give us a call. With our distribution facilities set-up, we can often accommodate your special needs in stride.

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